Can Napkin colour affect the taste of your food?

Designing a restaurant to try and create an attractive and successful business is no easy task. From the shape and lighting of the room to the type of tableware and glassware you use, all these elements intertwine to create the atmosphere you want to convey. However, from new research, there is one aspect of your food presentation that may affect the way customers perceive your food to taste.

Hygiene brand Tork has released a study examining the relationship between coloured napkins and the flavour of food in which concludes that colour is a dominant contributor towards taste. By pairing certain colours with certain foods, your perception of that food’s taste changes or increases dependant on the colour. For example, during the experiment Chef Linda Lundgren; who partnered with Tork on this study, paired a coral pink napkin with a strawberry mousse. This made the mouse sweeter and more abundant in taste as well as a decrease in bitterness.

Further pairings found that aqua blue is best paired with Indian food and eggs to decrease saltiness in this dish. Mustard yellow pairs well with greens as well as fish and seafood as it enhances tartness. Red and pink make desserts taste sweeter and shades of grey create contrast on lighter foods meaning lighter coloured food such as Mediterranean dishes will have a richer taste.

Julia wood the senior product manager at Tork stated that “Restaurant operators need to provide the very best experience for customers. Getting creative by simply using complementary napkin colours with the dishes they serve will make an exquisite plate of food standout.”

Check out our colour guide down below for the full pairing results.

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Napkin colour and food pairings