Care Home Dishwasher Buyers Guide

Care Home Dishwasher Buyers Guide

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Dishwasher For Your Care Home

1. Robust commercial equipment

It goes without saying that you need to process your loads at much faster speeds than a domestic appliance can manage, and also need the reassurance of equipment that is built to last. It’s therefore vital that you choose robust, easy-to-use commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and utensil & pot washers that can get through hundreds of items quickly, whilst washing them thoroughly and hygienically. Low water consumption, energy-efficiency, simple controls and reliability are all hallmarks of Asber dishwasher range. It’s also worth pointing out that domestic machines being used for business operations will not be covered by their warranties – leaving you exposed to cost and inconvenience if something goes wrong.

2. Infection prevention

Preventing cross-infection is of course paramount in nursing and residential environments. Dishwashers suitable for care homes should reach temperature of 60c wash and 85c rinse – minimum recommended temperatures to guarantee the first level of thermal disinfection and prevent against cross contamination. Asber Care Home Dishwashers come with a Thermo-stop function – optional function can be turned on or off. Prevents the dishwasher from entering the final rinse mode until the boiler temperature has achieved the desired/set minimum temperature. They also have a digital temperature display & control panel for more accurate temperature control than traditional thermostats and meets requirements in some authorities to log temperatures throughout the day and provide evidence policy has been adhered too.

3. Tabling

Planning and designing a catering space can be daunting, and for the best results you’ll need expert advice as well as practical assistance. With Asber they’ll match your needs with the correct ‘before and after’ tabling for holding plates and cutlery, make sure you know all the possibilities offered by our tailor-made accessories, and leave you with a carefully thought-out, personalised production line. With market-leading products backed up by years of installation and building experience, its solutions allow you to scrap and rinse in a single area to save time, cut out the risk of re-contaminating items stored at the ‘clean’ side of your machine and remove the need to carry baskets across your kitchen after a wash.

4. WRAS compliance

Care homes are categorised as fluid category level 5 by WRAS – high risk areas. Type A Air Gap Break Tank – WRAS (Waterboard Regulatory Advisory Service) makes this a legal requirement for commercial dishwashing in high-risk areas (category 5 areas). The device prevents backfill of dirty water into the mains water supply in the event of a breakdown. Asber will ensure you meet your obligations with the minimum of fuss, and can offer a full range of high performance dishwashers that are WRAS approved as standard.

5. Detergents

In a commercial care environment you need detergents that enhance your machine performance and give you the best possible results. Following care-focused research, chlorinated detergents act as an additional sanitisier to ensure hygienic wash results, while auto-dosing means you can be sure that the right amount of chemical is used every time you wash.