Power Options

This guide is an impartial overview of the different power options you will encounter when purchasing catering equipment such as commercial dishwashers and glasswashers. It aims to help you choose the right machine for your building infrastructure. 

13 Amp (Plug)

Equipment listed as 13 Amp will be supplied with a standard UK 3 pin plug and can be connected to any standard power connection found throughout your premises

13 Amp Plug

Single Phase Power

Equipment listed as Single Phase will require hard wiring to a suitably rated mains power source. Single phase wiring consists of 3 (generally thicker) wires between 2.5 and 3mm, one neutral, one positive and one negative. Power ratings will depend on the amount of electricity drawn by the equipment but generally tend to range between 14 and 30 Amps.

30 Amp Wall Switch 30 Amp Wall Switch Catering 30 Amp Power Cable

Three Phase Power

Equipment listed as Three Phase will require hard wiring to a specialist 3 Phase power source. These are generally identifiable by looking at the type of wiring available in your connection point, as 3 phase wiring differs from Single Phase in that it carries five wires (generally 1.5mm thick). 

3 Phase Wire