Palm Leaf Tableware

With the growing amount of annual disposable plastic waste produced in the catering industry, businesses are looking for alternatives to plastic & polystyrene to reduce the impact on the environment.

A new plastic alternative is becoming more popular within the catering industry. Palm leaf products like the name suggests are made from fallen areca palm leaf’s that are cleaned with water, dried and then stretched and flattened. Various plates and bowl shapes are then moulded using a heated press.

The fallen leaves used are sustainable and easily renewed, and the production sites are near to zero-emission micro-farms. The palm leaf products themselves can be regarded as 100% naturally biodegradable and compostable, making palm leaves disposable products one of if the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Palm Leaf vs Plastic

There are no coating, waxes or chemicals added to the manufacturing process, only water is used in the sterilizing process making these products biodegradable, compostable and toxin free, unlike traditional plastic products which not only leave a large carbon footprint in its manufacturing process but produces huge amounts of waste products.

For example, around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic products end up in oceans across the world having a devasting effect on the marine life that occupies them. Subsisting one use plastic disposables for biodegradable renewable sources like palm leaves will help to cut down the amount of waste produced.

Palm Leaf Manufacturing process

Benefits of palm leaves tableware

Palm leaf tableware products are food safe, strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing making them perfect single-use tableware no what matter what you serve on them. Pairing with napkins or greaseproof paper allow for palm leaf plates to be used more than once. These types of products are great for event catering as well as any company looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Palm leaves Disposable tableware