The Tightrope of Sustainability – Balancing Durability with Reusable Products

With sustainability becoming ever important to the consumer, it seems invaluable for businesses to use eco-friendly products wherever possible. During our interview with BBC Essex, our Operation Manager, Ashley Garrett explored the immediate benefits and Buzz’s approach to providing an option for these on our store. 

Marketing Assistant, Emmalena Ellis would like to reflect further on how sustainability may inform your decision choosing a product; whether it is an informed choice or passing trend that you should capitalise on for your catering or restaurant business. 

A Choice Based on Statistics?

An initial glance towards creating a sustainable environment is likely, to begin with, disposable products. Many cases have been made towards changing or minimising the use of plastic and biodegradable straws, stirrers, napkins and sometimes cutlery. It is estimated that over 8.5 billion straws are being used in the UK every year, contributing to the 8 to 12 tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean each year! This sadly includes biodegradable straws which have to be treated in order to be disposed of. However, with no fixed regulations in place across the UK; recycling plants relying on councils and local authorities discretion, very few of these straws escape the landfill. 

To combat this, we have worked to collate a premium collection of readily recyclable tableware and food packaging that can be readily reused or composted. Minimising wherever possible the need for costly recyclables. One stand out product is the Bagasse range of packaging, which is able to insulate and protect food as well as its plastic and polystyrene counterparts. A byproduct of sugar cane, this plant-based material can also replace the additional use of paper and thus the number of trees that are cut down each year. This can combat the  18.7 million acres of forest that are cut down each year, as noted by the National Geographic. Find out more about Bygasse here

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Cleaning Up on Chemical Use

However, more can be done to create an eco-friendly business, including deciding on which cleaning chemicals, drainage and concentrates might benefit from a less toxic switch. 

Our catalogue offers eco-friendly cleansers such as the Enviro-Clean Pro range, which work with existing dishwashers to replace costly traditional rinse aids and protect the internal and external components of the machine to a high standard. 

Manufactured from on raw sugar extract, Enviro-Clean Pro Water Treatments utilise only natural ingredients, to remove lipstick, tea and coffee stains from building up on crockery. This improves on overall shelf life of your glasses, cup and plates and will encourage positive reviews and social media promotion from your customers. 

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Regardless of whether you would prefer to use a tried and tested method or a biodegradable product, Buzz Catering Supplies always provide access to the COSHH sheet for all chemicals to meet the necessary Health and Safety Requirements for staff and customers alike giving you for disclosure of ingredients and instructions towards use.

What else is there?

For some businesses, the overall size and revenue may determine whether it is best to replace appliances and furnishings – especially if those already used are functional to your needs.

Choosing a new eco-friendly appliance may seem a daunting prospect, but with Buzz Catering Supplies, the research has already been done for you, by our hands-on team, who combine 30 years’ experience, with a passion for quality across the board. We actively provide on-site training days and an open showroom, where our sales team will happily demonstrate the proper use and benefits, to help you make a more informed decision.

Our range of Enviro-Clean Pro premium dishwashers and glasswashers are a fantastic sustainable switch, eliminating the cost of an additional water softener, and requiring fewer chemicals to run. 

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Whether you are looking for a sustainable switch or something more long-lasting, contact us today to create a premium business that leaves customers talking for years to come.

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