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Dishwash Area

This project was commissioned by a large independent brewery and set out clear requirements for the design and installation of a large commercial dishwashing area to serve a newly built restaurant in Hertfordshire. This was supported by the installation of a re-designed glass washing area that was suitable for meeting the requirements of a busy, growing pub.

The pub was significantly expanding its restaurant capacity and expecting to serve hundreds of covers per day. As a result of the increased demand, this project was commissioned by the owners to increase warewashing capacity by installing and configuring a new dishwashing area to suit their requirements.

Our projects team worked through with the owners and managers of the establishment in great detail to understand their requirements and build in capacity for growth moving forward. Key areas of the final design included:

  • The final proposed set up had to cope with extreme demand and that’s why our designers implemented a large tiered tabling area to be used for dirties set down. Manufactured as a custom stainless steel fabrication, this unit featured built-in scrape holes with leads into a double bowl commercial sink. A WRAS approved commercial pre-wash arm was also added so staff could easily pre-wash dishes before entering the commercial dishwasher.

  • The customer opted for a high-specification Meiko semi-automatic pass through commercial dishwasher based on the unit’s ability to decrease wash cycle times and create a higher capacity for dishes washed. Full training was provided to all staff on how to operate and care for the machine and it has been supported by our five-star aftersales care warranty and service programme since its installation.

  • Finally, a large cleans table was fabricated and installed at the end of the dishwashing run. This was implemented to slow down the rate at which cleaned dishes need to be placed away, thus enabling greater capacity during peak and busy periods.
Dishwasher Area
Glasswash Area

Glasswash Area

Alongside the demand for increased capacity on the restaurant, the establishment also had good wet-led sales and a requirement for the refurbishment of an existing glass wash area to further increase capacity. In order to meet these demands, our project team specified:

  • Two top-spec undercounter Meiko glasswashers were selected. These units were fitted with the latest reverse-osmosis water refinement technology, enabling them to deliver crystal-clear glasses on every wash cycle and provide operators with minimal maintenance commitments. As with the commercial dishwashers installed in the kitchen, these units have been supported by our on-going maintenance and aftercare agreement.
  • Throughout the area, we created bespoke tabling, shelving and racking to provide plenty of storage and workspace. All units were designed to be flush to existing equipment, fixtures and fittings thus creating a seamless, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly hygienic washroom space.
  • A high capacity ice machine with extra-large storage bin, allowing the pub to cater for all requirements. In addition, a new ice crusher was installed alongside the ice machine so that the pub could increase the variety of drinks it was able to prepare.

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