Coffee Machine Leasing: Return on Investment

With average expenditure ranging from £600 to over £4000, buying a new commercial coffee machine is typically the most expensive piece individual item of catering equipment an independent coffee shop or café may purchase.

This article looks at how coffee machine leasing may provide an alternative method to fund your businesses growth and asks if these appliances can pay for itself, adding to the bottom line of your business.

Cost as a Benchmark

When running a coffee shop, café or any business that offers coffee, keeping the list of expenses at a minimum will always be a high priority. Balancing employee hours and overhead costs with the capacity and income of the operation can be a daunting task. This very fact tempts many businesses to opt for cheaper commercial coffee machine at start-up, as the initial investment is smaller and the time-till-profitable will be significantly reduced.

However, our expert product consultants regularly run into customers who have regretted such a decision, running into issues with consistency, reliability or productivity just a few months into opening. That’s why we regularly advise customers to look at higher-tier machines, mainly if their business model focusses on coffee as a primary source of income. Despite larger price tags, when you factor in the volume of sales that can be made from a commercial coffee machine, you are likely to find that these appliances can still deliver a fantastic return on investment.

Higher quality may be a more significant upfront expense. However, consistency in providing a quality product is the driving force of your clientele, and the added reliability will be well worth the extra cost. Furthermore, a cheaper machine is likely to experience more breakdowns and a greater need for repair throughout its likely shorter lifespan. Add this to its initial price tag and it’s easy to see how being frugal with your initial expense can prove itself to be a costly long-term decision.

Cofee Machine Buyers Guide

With so much choice in the market, you may also consider reading our Coffee Machine Buyers Guide, for expert advice on choosing the right machine for your requirements.

Buyers Guide

Avoiding the Initial Outlay

For many businesses, the initial outlay of a commercial coffee machine that suits their requirements is entirely unattainable, particularly in the first year of opening. The problem is only compounded when you look at the additional and associated costs with making a purchase outright, such as training for staff.

To help combat this, many caterers are turning to coffee machine leasing. With customisable packages, leasing can provide an array of practical benefits that allow you to avoid any initial outlay.

Not only does coffee machine leasing negate the need for any initial expenditure, but there are also several packages available which can be customised to create a complete package for your business requirements. For example, we regularly incorporate servicing and maintenance costs, extended warranty periods and installation and training costs into our coffee machine leases.

There is, of course, always an option to own the equipment at the end of the agreement.

Immediate Return on Investment

With flexible finance options readily available for new or established businesses, coffee machine leasing allows business owners to set costs at low fixed monthly figures that suit their business plans.

Spreading the initial investment and associated costs into one-fixed payment allows you to spread costs over the entire working life of the equipment, enabling you to access the highly profitable coffee market without a long waiting period before your service becomes profitable.

For example, financing a £2000 coffee machine could attain a cost as low as just £55 per month for three years. This would mean that you only need to sell approximately 25 cups of coffee per week before profit from the drinks hit your bottom line. To put this in perspective, the same appliance would need to sell over 650 cups of coffee before becoming profitable with an outright purchase.

Our Favourite Coffee Machine Leasing Options

Fracino Bambino Espresso Coffee Machine Automatic 2 Group

Now available with fixed monthly payments from as low as £52.00 excluding VAT.

This entry-level professional espresso machine is ideal for smaller cafes and coffee shops, easily installed on a 13 Amp (Plug) and can be customised with optional coffee grinders, knock out drawers, installation and training packages to suit your requirements. 

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Fracino Contempo Espresso Coffee Machine Automatic 2 Group

Now available with fixed monthly payments from as low as £90.00 excluding VAT.

This commercial espresso coffee machine is well-suited to busier environments. With 1 phase hard wired power, it can keep up with busy demands making up to 240 cappuccinos or 400 espresso coffees per hour!

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