Why  you should be offering cocktails in the hospitality industry?

Why you should be offering cocktails

Spirit based drinks are continuously rising in popularity throughout the drinks market, consequentially seeping into the hospitality venues. One of the most in drinks, which has seen the most substantial rise in popularity is Gin. With 51 million bottles sold in the UK in 2017, Gin’s demand is expected to rise further throughout 2018.

This steady rise in spirt popularity has led to frequent openings of new distillery companies producing new flavour variations to mix up the market and re-engage customer. Coinciding with vodka, gin’s versatile recipe has become a significant driving point in pushing the cocktail trend. Cocktails; often a combination of spirit with other drinks/juices are exceedingly flexible for producing new and innovative combinations than just the pre-existing mixes. This trend of new blends prevents the market from becoming stagnated.

The cocktail market reinvention is an ideal and profitable trend that has sparked waves of innovation. Driven by demand for quality over quantity, access to media has made awareness and education on spirts easy to view, which has changed the perception of cocktails from being one of an unaffordable, only special events drink to one of affordable social status. Research has shown that drinks that the consumer market fatigue from drinks that always taste the same, the reinvention of the cocktails market has created a trend for the consumer who substitutes a few pints of beer for a drink that feels more delicately crafted.

The increasingly popular drink, Gin

The Hospitality industry and cocktails

Even in the hospitality industry, consumers have been pining for a drinks experience. One of the most significant selling points is that every experience will be different from the last, for example, tow bars may make the same cocktail however their take on the recipe may be very different, whether this is due to an unusual blend, spirit or alternative flavourings, this practice allows hospitality venues to serve cocktails that are unique for them. This even comes down to the type of glass used to serve the cocktail in, finding the right cocktail glasses to suit your venue adds to the creative drinking experience which will leave a more memorable impression on the customer that will stimulate repeat visits.