How to find the correct till roll for your cash register

Finding the correct till roll for your cash register or PDQ machine can be a difficult task with a wealth of possibilities available. This guide has been written to help with finding your specific till roll sizes and types to make ordering rolls as quick and easy as possible.

Plain or Thermal Till Rolls

Till rolls often come in either plain or thermal variations. Thermal till rolls are coated in chemicals so that when the paper is subjected to heat it turns black. This removed the requirement for ink ribbons in cash registers making maintenance easier with less consumables required to be replaced.

Most PDQ machines use thermal till rolls and do not require additional ink ribbons. Similarly If your cash register does not require ink ribbons then you will need to purchase thermal till rolls for your machine. Otherwise plain paper till rolls will be required, also make sure your ink ribbon has not depleted.

Sizes of Till Rolls

There are a few ways to find the correct size of till roll for your cash register.

  • If you still have the box for your original till rolls, the size should be printed on the box.
  • Measuring your till rolls height and diameter including core.
  • Refer to your cash register manual which should have details about compatible till rolls

Shop Till Rolls

We have a wide selection of till rolls including both thermal and plain paper till rolls in a variety of sizes. If you are still unsure of what till roll is required for your cash register of PDQ machine please do not hesitate to call us and one of our sales assistants will try and help you in finding the correct roll for you.

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