Stolzle Power Wine Glass Receives Prestigious Award

The new Stolzle Power Wine Glass range has been awarded the German Design Award thanks to their ground-breaking strength and innovative design. This new commercial glassware collection features three new Stemmed Wine Glasses and two Wine Tumblers, stunning the judges in both the tabletop group and product design excellence categories.

In this article, we explore what this prestigious award means for the Stolzle glassware brand and look at what this revolutionary design is doing so well to influence the restaurant and hospitality sector.

The Award

The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious international design prizes, established to honour new innovative products and projects, as well as their designers. Only products which are deemed to be “groundbreaking” or “revolutionary to their industry” are considered, and a top-class international jury assesses all applicants.

This is why Stolzle, manufacturers of the Power Wine Glass, are so happy with the award and UK demand for the product has spiked enormously in Q4 2018. 

A History

The award itself originates from the German Design Council, which was established as a foundation in 1953 as an initiative set forward by the German parliament. Today, its remit comprises the representation of the German design processes to support the economy and allow international brands to gain value due to their design accomplishments.

This makes the German Design Council one of the world's leading competence centres in assessing quality product design and engineering. Several international trade associations, institutions and brand leaders of important distribution companies, below to the exclusive network of foundation members.

A genuinely prestigious award that bodes well for the Stolzle Power Wine Glass and it's a success in the UK hospitality marketplace.

Notable Design Characteristics

From merely looking at the new Stolzle Power Wine Glass, it’s not hard to see why the range fared well amongst the judge’s critique.

The unusual and puristic shape of Power Stemmed Wine Glasses, provide drinkers with new taste thanks to a large breathing surface. This has made the range particularly popular with caterer amongst the rise of the sophisticated winery and craft beer outlet. This new generation of bars and drinkeries that steer away from the traditional pub environment by offering a more sensual dining and hospitality experience tend to find the Stolzle Power Glass suits their requirements well.

Similarly, the glass is just as at home in casual dining and restaurants as the flatter bowl base provides a sustained funnel, leading the bouquet of the wine directly to the epicure, while the slender stem exquisitely carries the bowl.

  • Expressive and puristic shape provides additional taste thanks to the large breathing surface.
  • Flatter bowl base with the sustained funnel leads wine directly to the epicure.
  • Slim stem exquisitely carries bowl, making the glass at home in both casual and fine dining.
  • Highly popular amongst trend for sophisticated wine bars & niche dining experiences.

Seamless Construction

Stolzle Power Wine Glasses are made in Weiswassr Germany. The judges offered particular critique, and praise for the manufacturers use of a modern, state-of-the-art production process which imitates the technique of traditional mouth-blown glassware.

During the pulling process, the stem of the glass is extended out from the bowl. This results in a seamless glass, and therefore a tougher product that is well suited to commercial settings and use in restaurants. The award shows that the Stolzle Power Wine Glass range fully meets the highest requirements for wine, champagne, beer, spirits and bar glasses.

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